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 - Costumes

Starting at a very early age, Stephen Phillips always had a knack for dressing up as different characters. Coupled with the sewing ability of his grandmother (a.k.a Nana) and Stephen's unbridled creativity, he amassed a large collection of costumes and various themed outfits. 

Stephen did not dress-up just for Halloween. Reasons for costumes seemed to always present themselves. Whether it was for a masquerade party, fraternity function or a play, Stephen jumped at the chance to become another character. This was no more present than in the late 1990's when Stephen and his friends threw massive themed parties. The main functions consisted of "Star Wars: Quest for the Empire," "Dallas: The Oil Baron's Ball," and "Clue: Return to Hill House." Each of these parties was not just a time to dress-up. It was an action packed game consisting of a detailed scavenger hunt around the community.

His collection of characters consist of a menagerie of costumes including The Greatest American Hero, He-Man, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Phantom of the Opera, J.R. Ewing, Col. Mustard, The Beast, Jack Dawson, Darth Vader (3 incarnations), Batman (4 incarnations), and a custom designed slew of uniforms for TechnoWars.