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The following video clips are a collection of work by or featuring tonight's True Hollywood Story:


Stephen and broadcasting cohort, Annie Laurie Crane serve as guest anchors on CNN

 Gap: Union Swing

One of three commercials for the 2000 Communication Arts Spoof Video, "Who Wants to Be A Kazillionaire," featuring Stephen and friends in take offs of Gap Commericials

 Gap: Everybody in Powder Blue

In this Gap commercial, the "I've Heard That Song!" signature powder blue t-shirts are made fun of

 Gap: Are you a Vision or a Value?

The Gap Kids take on the Union advertising slogan "Vision and Values"

 Judge Kina: Pt. 1

Stephen and his academic advisor, Kina S. Mallard, Ph.D., spoof Judge Judy in this 1999 Communication Arts Spoof Video excerpt

 Judge Kina: Pt. 2

Stephen and Dr. Mallard wrap up things with a court case dealing with the infamous John Carroll salsa fiasco

 The Reel World

In this 1998 Communication Arts Spoof Video excerpt, Stephen appears in a take off of The Real World with his friend Shannon Hurt, "scared... to death."

 Who Wants To Be A Kazillionaire credits sequence

The outtakes and bloopers from the 2000 Communication Arts Spoof Video

 Talk Soup credits sequence

The outtakes and bloopers from the 1999 Communication Arts Spoof Video

 Wazzup - Union Style

Kimberly Thornbury, Union University's Dean of Students, and Todd Brady, Union University's campus minister, star in this spoof of the famous Budweiser commercials. Also featuring John David Barham and Switchboard Suzy, with a special guest appearance by David Dockery, president of Union University.

 Stephen Phillips Video Portfolio v.1

This first version of Stephen Phillips's video portfolio, hosted by Rebecca Haithcoat, includes work by Stephen and a piece of reporting that would make Chuck Roberts jealous

 Stephen Phillips Video Portfolio v.2

This is the second version of Stephen's video portfolio. Although, shorter in length, it includes mostly production pieces and additional footage. This showcases Stephen's video animation talents.

 Mission Space

An un-broadcast piece developed for a future attraction at Epcot, this 60 second teaser was developed and delivered within 3 days of the attraction's announcement in Florida. Since then, it has been popping up around various Disney cast circles.

 Mello Yellow

This very hard to find piece of video originated in 1995. It shows a very young Stephen, along with Rebecca Haithcoat, as a host for the school's Mello Yellow commercial competition. Evidently, the Mello Yellow soft drink company hosted a competition to various schools throughout the country. Chester County High School was one of these. The winning school got a price stipend and the chance to see themselves in a national commercial for the company's short-lived "Make Some Noise" campaign. Although the commercial never aired, CCHS won the award, which Biography is pleased to present.

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