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 - Nashville Friends

When Stephen moved to the city of Nashville in the June of 2000, it was his first time move to a considerable distance away from his childhood home. It was also the first time he had lived in a metropolitan environment. Gone were the friends he had grown up with. He was forced to make friends on his own. And, indeed he did.

Those people made a profound impact in his life. Whether it was people that Stephen worked with or friends he made outside of the office, Stephen grew close to his Nashvillian friends. Sadly, David J. DesChamplian, one of Stephen's best friends from Nashville, passed away in February 2002 after being in a car accident in his home state of Connecticut. Dave held a very special place in Stephen's heart. The two were extremely close friends and shared a lot together. Even though he only knew Dave for a short while, it seemed like the two had been friends for life.

The following slideshow features friends and acquaintances that changed Stephen's life while he lived in Nashville.