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Here you can read quotes from tonight's E! True Hollywood Story feature, or quotes from his/her personal friends or favorite quotes spoken by others.

Some people quote poetry; some people quote scripture. I quote movies."

--Stephen Phillips

"PR people don't make a lot of money. When was the last time you went to Kevin Trowbridge's mansion?"

--Stephen Phillips, October 1998

"Yeah, I hear that Kevin Trowbridge is living on the 12th floor of a high rise luxury apartment building in Washington, D.C."

--Annie Laurie Crane, August 2000

"How do you create organization of chaos? You don't.

-- Wayne Johnson

"Black, fishnet, pantyhose!"

-- Taco Bell Lady, 10-30-98

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you've gotta put up with the rain."

-- Dolly Parton

"... or you could just turn on the sprinkler."

-- Wayne Johnson

"... so it goes."

-- Mac Hawkins

"No Goats. No Glory."

-- 1995 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
pledge class

"When you are at home with your bowels, you are at home with yourself."

-- Beth Morgan

"You are only as good as your help"

-- Bob T. Souder, M.D.

"If Dolly Parton had asked me what to name her theme park, I would have named it '10 Flags Over Tennessee."

-- Marion Smothers

"You can disagree. Just don't be disagreeable."

-- Wm. H. Shackleford

"Enjoy school. Working gives a great paycheck, but no more mid-afternoon naps."

-- Amy Travis

"... and sour kraut has no nutritional value whatsoever."

-- Dr. Carla Sanderson, 
Union University provost

"would you like some sour kraut, Sanderson, Sanderson?"

-- South Park paraphrase

"Well, I'm going to go over and hug him and pretend that I like him."

-- Phillip Robison, 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon pref. party

"Aww... but Dustin can't play"

-- Dustin Rainey, about not being able to go 
through a haunted house because of a broke leg

"Well... I'm done with that waffle."

-- Stephen Phillips, 1-13-00

"Hi. My name is Shannon Phillips, and I was wondering if any of you would sell me your hat."

-- Shannon Hurt, Quincy, Illinois UBS trip

"People must have really liked Jesus 'cause they invited him to all the cool parties."

-- Cari Kingsbury


-- Josh Williams, 
answering the phone, 

"You didn't' tell me we were riding THAT roller coaster!"

-- Kina S. Mallard, Ph.D., 
after riding the Incredible Hulk at
Universal's Islands of Adventure

"Why won't you vote for me!?!?"

-- Matt (Rev. Jessie Jackson) West

"Dixie... Dixie... Dixie..."

-- Little Ben West, 
trying teach his Furbie its new name

"I have a confession to make... and I hope you won't stop being my friend because of it... but... I think I like N'Sync."

-- Annie Laurie Crane

"Oh no.. I'm not making any sense."

-- Phillip Robison's internal monologue

"Sweetie... that's the 25 dollar machines."

-- Dana, waitress at the Horseshoe Casino

"Tiramisu... My misu!"

-- Mrs. Mike, Weezie-type Olive Garden server

"Okay.. I admit it.. I might have a problem with Steak and Shake."

-- Dustin Rainey

"You put yourself in the other person's shoes and think about if somebody was doing it to you... but you've got to let that one go."

-- Chase Herndon, 3-11-99

"We got to get the hell out of here."

-- Josh Williams, 3-18-99

"Life is too short for two things: cheap booze and meaningless relationships. I want the best of both."

-- Mike Hughes, 3-20-02

"I used to get a lot of compliments on my butt."

-- Alice Carey Hurst (Maw), 
on her 83rd Birthday

"You know... one of the very best joys in life is making fun of other people."

-- Kyle Huggins

"I soooo agree."

-- Stephen Phillips


Union University SGA Class Favorites
Nomination Senate Meeting

"Thank you for coming and for sending your message to the Senate that you are, indeed, the most vain people on campus."

-- Annie Laurie Crane

"Lord, thank you for the woodwork... and everyone who came out of it."

-- Stephen Phillips

"Get rid of the randoms!!"

-- Mr. Steve Beverly

"I move to roll that, whatever, ice machine bill, to the top of the calendar."

-- Jolie Seaborn

"If you cannot, physically, co-exist with a bulldog, you have no place at Union University."

-- Neal Rager

"Be it known that Stephen Phillips needs $500."

-- Stephen Phillips

"Emily Wiltshire... now why does that name sound familiar?!?!"

-- Stephen Phillips

"I don't know what that means."

-- Ashley Kern, "Senate Goat"


-- inscribed on Annie Laurie Crane's hand


Tornado Night

Jolie Seaborn: Annie Laurie needs a comforter.
Phillip Robison: Tell Annie Laurie she can come over and bring her comforter with her
"Now, I have nothing against mobile homes or mobile home dealers, but if you're in a mobile home, GET OUT!!"

-- Tim Simpson, WREG meteorologist


Christian Monopoly Night

Phillip: Phi Alpha, I haven't cheated.
Phillip: Phi Alpha, I haven't cheated since the Fort Nashborough Incident.
"I need to pray about this"

-- Cari Kingsbury, 
about trying to decide to buy a piece in Monopoly

"One man gives freely, yet gains even more. Another withholds unduly and comes to poverty."

-- Proverbs 11:24, the theme of Christian Monopoly


Olive Garden Night

Matt West: Mom, Phillip is looking at me!
Phillip Robison: No, I'm not. I'm looking out the window
Matt West: Make him stop!!
Annie Laurie: Look! sit back and shut up! Mommy and Daddy didn't have brothers or sisters so they don't know how to handle this!
"Three for the Hebrew Children..."
"A 98 convertible... light blue!"

The Wisdom of Ken Barker

"I think I hate them... I actually think I hate them!"

-- Ken Barker, watching Regis & Kathie Lee, 11-99

"...no... no... it's 7 founders."

-- Ken Barker, incorrectly speculating on the number of SAE's founders, 3-11-00

"Oh my gosh! I am stupid."

-- Ken Barker

Ken: Look at that weird police car!
Stephen: That's not a police car. That's a taxi.
Ken: Oh.

Haunted Prison Night

"I feel like I'm insane!!"

-- Stephen Phillips

"Hey, y'all. Don't forget we're in a PRISON!!"

-- Teresa Soule

"Swimmer Down Now!!"

-- Teresa Soule & Stephen Phillips

Teresa: Hey, what time is it?
Jon: It's almost 11 o'clock (looking at the radio).
Tarah: No, Jon, that's 105.9 FM not 10:59.
Jon: I gotta go to the bathroom
Tarah: Just grab a-hold of your pee pee and hold on!
Polly: Phillip, I'd dump you if you went to jail
Phillip: You can put THAT in your quote book!
"Stephen, not everyone has as much class as you and I do."

-- Julie Williams